‘The Ex-Ghurkas in Aldershot’ by Frances Freeman #opengen2015

“For me civilisation is people who do things properly, in a good manner and are considerate to others as well. In our side of the world people don’t queue and those sort of things, people don’t have patience and people take everything easy. So in that respect, I think that compared to those sorts of things our side is not as civilised, as you, know the europeans are.” – Subash Newar, Haran, East Nepal

Since the Joanna Lumley campaign of 2009 the government has issued over 7,500 visas to retired ex-Gurkhas who have built a community in the small historical town of Aldershot. Today one in 10 of Aldershot’s 90,000 residents hails from Nepal, causing friction within the local community.

This short film explores the experiences and alienation of this recently migrated elderly Nepalese community. It takes an outsider to make you realise that your way is just one way of thinking.