Meet our photographers: Natalie Mitchell

How old are you? 24 years old

Where are you from and where do you live? I was born in Croydon, South East London, living there until I was 11 and after moved over to Bromley. I moved to Peckham 2 years ago and have called it home ever since.

What makes me happiest? Wondering around a gallery, finishing a roll of film on my Olympus OM10 and British Bulldogs.

What inspires you? In one word? People. Whether it be my family and friends or those I meet through them, work or travel; it’s people who inspire my work. It’s hearing their stories and getting an insight into their lives and the world around them are shaped by their experiences. It’s these interactions that not only shape how I view the world as a photographer, but also how I view it as a person.

What drives you up the wall? Ignorance, snobbery and good actors in bad films.

Describe in three words the society you want to live in: Compassionate, Communal & Vibrant.

Natalie Mitchell