4 ways to get involved!

Open Generation is anyone who believes that national boundaries don’t define us. It is for anyone who grew up in a globalised world, who is aware that human fluidity and migration is very much part of our present and especially of our future. We don’t define ourselves by national paradigms and we are open to diversity. We want everyone under thirty to participate!

1. Send us your 60 second video telling us in what ways #migrantscontribute to your life to and we will upload it onto our homepage! You can do this with your mobile phone, computer camera or video recorder.

2. VOLUNTEER! We are having a Festival of Ideas on the 10th and 11th April. There will be many activities, workshops, screenings, performances and we need people to help us out! Find out more here.

3. Are you a blogger or do you enjoy writing? Send us 500-1,000 words on what immigration means to you. We will publish them onto the website. Write us at

4. Come to our Festival of Ideas in April and help us draft the MANIFESTO OF THE OPEN GENERATION. Get your free tickets here