#festivalofideas Our Voices: Mohamed



1) What is your name?
Mohamed Mohamud.

2) How old are you?
I’m 23 years old.

3) Where are you from and where do you live?
I was born and raised in London, UK but I’m originally from Mogadishu, Somalia which is in Horn of Africa. I live in Acton, West London.

4) What makes you happiest?
What makes me happy is doing the things that I love, which are photography and community activism. Doing these two makes me feel content as I’m helping myself as well as helping others.

5) What inspires you?
Many people inspire me such as influential figures like Malcolm X or the experiences that I’ve witness that made me feel motivated and determined everyday.¬†

6) What drives you up the wall?
There are many but one in particular is racism. I can’t believe we live in the 21st Century and issues like racism still exist.

7) Describe in three words the society you want to live in.
Change starts NOW!