#festivalofideas Our Voices: Ayesha



1) What is your name?
Ayesha Jones

2) How old are you?
24 (25 on April 11th)

3) Where are you from and where do you live?
Birmingham, Birmingham

4) What makes you happiest?
Being in nature with the people I love, taking photographs.

5) What inspires you?
Everything I am exposed to adds to my perspective and influences my work. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories about the things they have experienced. I like being able to hear different perspective on things, it makes you think. Peoples life stories inspire me the most. Which is why photographers like Jo Spence have had a great influence on my work.

6) What drives you up the wall?
-The current system we live in.
-Dried fruit

7) Describe in three words the society you want to live in.
Free, natural, honest.