Meet our photographers: Emerson Utracik

How old are you? 24

Where are you from and where do you live? I’m originally from Preston in Lancashire but now live in Tottenham, NE London.

What makes you happiest? People who know me would probably say debating (or arguing), but really I’d say it’s the little things like a good sunset. Of course if I have my camera in my hands it’s even better!

What inspires you? I read and watch a lot of news, on average around two hours a day, so I see and learn a lot about the world. This regularly inspires me to make work about an issue I’m following closely, whether that’s something huge like a geo-political tension, or something local such as property prices.

What drives you up the wall? When governments see an issue approaching them like a train and continue to stand on the tracks debating why the train is coming towards them, when everyone else can see they just need to move.

Describe in three words the society you want to live in Adaptable, fair, intelligent.

Emerson Utracik